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Does breast cancer only affect older women?
If you have a risk factor for breast cancer, are you likely to get the disease?
If breast cancer doesn't run in your family, are you assured of not getting it?
Does only your motherís family history of breast cancer affect your risk?
Does using antiperspirants cause breast cancer?
Is a monthly breast self-exam the best way to detect breast cancer?
Iím at high risk for breast cancer. I've heard that there is nothing I can do about it. Is this true?
Is a breast cancer diagnosis an automatic death sentence?
Does breastfeeding if you have a breast tumor increase your childís risk of cancer?
Does wearing an underwire bra cause breast cancer?
Can mammograms cause cancer?
My 13-year-old daughter got hit in the chest with a soccer ball during a game. Could the bruise to her breast increase her chances of getting breast cancer in the future?
Will external radiation therapy make me radioactive?

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