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 Breast Cancer
Digital Mammogram Versus Film Mammogram  

What is a digital mammogram ? Is it better than a film mammogram ?

Digital mammography uses the same technique as film screen mammography, except that in the digital method, the image is recorded directly into a computer. The image can then be enlarged or highlighted. If there is a suspicious area, your doctors can use the computer to take a closer look.

Often radiologists read a patientís digital mammogram with the help of computer-aided detection ("CAD") programs. Because the images are electronic, they can be sent directly to a patient's doctor for review ó a wonderful convenience.

Currently, however, digital mammography does not provide as clear a picture as traditional film mammography. Digital mammograms are also considerably more expensive and not as widely available. But, as the technology is improved and becomes more affordable, digital mammography should become more common.

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