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 Breast Cancer
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What is a mammogram?
Do mammograms prevent breast cancer?
I have had a mastectomy, but the cancer has been in remission for 2 years. Should I get a mammogram on the other breast?
Who should get a mammogram? When? How often?
If mammograms are so good at detecting nonsymptomatic tumors, why should I bother with a monthly breast exam ?
I have breast implants. How can I get properly screened?
Are there different types of mammograms?
What is a digital mammogram ? Is it better than a film mammogram ?
Are mammograms safe ?
How is a mammogram performed?
How can I get ready for my mammogram ?
Are there any problems with mammogramy?
Are mammograms painful?
Where should I get a mammogram?
What if my health insurance does not cover mammograms?
I don't have health insurance. Where can I get a free or low-cost mammogram?
How often should I get a mammogram?
How long until you get the results of your mammogram?
What is an ultrasound, and when is it recommended?
Why are mammograms not recommended for women under 30?
Does the radiation from a mammogram cause cancer?
How accurate are mammograms?
Are mammograms less accurate if you are significantly overweight?
What is "implantation displacement view"?
I have heard of the Eklund Technique for women with breast implants. What is the Eklund Technique exactly?
I've heard that mammograms can cause implants to burst. Is this true?
Are MRIs better than mammograms for screening young women with a high breast cancer risk?
Should I get a mammogram if I am pregnant?
What happens if a woman detects an abnormality while she is nursing?
Is there anything I can do to prevent breast cancer?
What are the basic steps for breast health?
How often should I do a breast self-examination (BSE) ?
How do I do a BSE ?
What is a clinical breast exam (CBE)?
How often should I get a CBE ?
Does antibiotic use increase breast cancer risk?
What is a risk factor?
My mother had breast cancer. Does this mean I am at greater risk?
I was diagnosed with breast cancer 7 years ago, but I am now in remission. Am I at a higher risk of getting the disease again in the future?
Can benign cysts become cancerous?
I have no family history of breast cancer. Why should I worry about getting breast cancer?
Is there anything I can do to lower my risk of getting breast cancer?
Does Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) increase my breast cancer risk?
What is the Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool?
What women are at risk for breast cancer?
What risk factors are most important in determining my likelihood of getting breast cancer?
If I didnít nurse my children, am I at greater risk of breast cancer?
Does exposure to toxins and chemicals in the environment increase oneís risk of breast cancer ?
Do breast implants increase your risk of breast cancer?

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