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Constitutional Homeopathy for Women with Breast Cancer

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Constitutional Homeopathy for Women with Breast Cancer  

Can constitutional homeopathy be used to treat women with breast cancer?

Yes, but constitutional homeopathy (also called classical homeopathy) for women with breast cancer only should be used as an adjunct to conventional therapeutic modalities, such as surgery, chemotherapy, and/or radiation, etc. Constitutional homeopathy is well-suited to be an adjunct to traditional treatment for breast cancer, because homeopathy has a very different objective. Although mainstream treatments for breast cancer focus on the cancer itself, homeopathic therapy focuses on bringing the patient’s vital force into balance.

Constitutional homeopathy requires careful selection and administration of a homeopathic remedy over a period of time. Practitioners of constitutional homeopathy are not looking to fix symptoms, but rather to treat the patent’s predisposition, his or her miasm, to a certain disease. Miasm comes from the Greek word meaning “stain.” Thus, constitutional homeopathy takes a holistic approach. In order to create an individualized treatment, the homeopathic practitioner considers both the patient’s physical condition and his or her emotional state and personal history.

Homeopaths are not concerned with curing the breast cancer, but with treating the imbalance or miasm in the patient that has allowed the cancer to take hold. In the homeopathic view, if the patient had been fully in balance, the cancer would not have taken hold. According to the homeopathic perspective, cutting out or irradiating the cancer does not address the root cause of the disease.

As Judith Reichenberg-Ullman, a prominent homeopath, observes: “To only cut out or irradiate the cancer with no other treatment or lifestyle change may or may not be effective. If the organism [person] continues to provide a hospitable environment for the cancer cells, a recurrence is possible, depending on many factors. If, however, the organism is brought into equilibrium, the likelihood of a recurrence is decreased.”

In addition to helping rebalance patients, a choice of one of several homeopathic remedies may be useful in helping breast cancer patients manage some of the common physical and emotional side effects of conventional treatments, such as surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. These homeopathic remedies include:

  • Arsenicum, which can be used to help control anxiety, nausea, and pain associated with treatment.
  • .

  • Ipecac, which often is used to treat nausea associated with treatment.

  • Nux vomica, which can be used to help minimize sharp abdominal pains brought on by anxiety and exhaustion associated with treatment.

  • As with any supplements or alternative or complementary therapies, be sure to first consult with your homeopath, your integrative healthcare professional, and your oncologist.

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