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Q&A on Breast Health & Women’s Wellness  
We are proud to bring you the most extensive Q&A on
breast health, breast cancer, & women’s wellness.
Q&A for Survivors
What signs and symptoms should I watch for that may indicate a recurrence of breast cancer?
Is it safe to use hormone replacement therapy (HRT) after finishing treatment for breast cancer?
I had radiation therapy. Can I breastfeed my baby?
Can I have children after my treatment for breast cancer?
Is there anything about my cancer that makes me more likely to have a recurrence?
I am a breast cancer survivor. Should I exercise?
Does a will to live affect survival for someone who has had cancer?
Can emotions really affect survival of someone who has had cancer?
Does prayer really help healing?
I was diagnosed with breast cancer 7 years ago, but I am now in remission. Am I at higher risk of getting the disease again in the future?
I was treated for breast cancer 6 years ago, but I am now in remission. Is there anything I can do to lower the risk of getting the disease again?
I was treated for breast cancer 6 years ago and am in remission. Are there nutritional guidelines or certain foods that will help keep me healthy?
What is a healing wheel?
How can I find a clinical trial that I could participate in as a breast cancer survivor?
Why is exercise important for breast cancer survivors?
I am a breast cancer survivor. Would my eating soy foods be helpful or harmful?
What does remission mean?
What is a complete response?
Is it safe to use estrogen replacement therapy (ERT) after finishing therapy for breast cancer?

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