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Q&A on Breast Health & Women’s Wellness  
We are proud to bring you the most extensive Q&A on
breast health, breast cancer, & women’s wellness.
What is liposomal doxorubicin?
What is an anthracycline?
What is epirubicin?
What is mitoxantrone?
What is Cytoxan?
What is cyclophosphamide?
What is Neosar?
What is an alkylating agent?
What is methotrexate?
What is an anti-metabolite drug?
What is 5-FU?
What is 5-Florouracil?
What is CMF?
What is CMFP?
What is treatment with CA?
What is CAF?
What is a taxane?
What is Taxotere?
What is docetaxel?
What is vinorelbine?
What is navelbine?
What is gemcitabine?
What is mitomycin C?
What is a fluoropyrimidine?
What is capecitabine?
What is a vinca alkaloid?
What is vinblastine?
What is vincristine?
What are platinum drugs?
What is Platinol-AQ?
What is cisplatin?
What is carboplatin?
What is Ellence?
What is a chemotherapy regimen?
What is combination chemotherapy?
What is adjuvant therapy for cancer patients?
What is neoadjuvant therapy?
What does off-label use of a medication mean?
What is first-line chemotherapy?
What is second-line chemotherapy?
What is third-line chemotherapy
What is salvage chemotherapy?
What is palliative treatment for cancer patients?
What is supportive treatment for cancer patients?
What is hospice?
Recently I finished my treatment for breast cancer. When should I get a bone scan?
What are the purposes of a Phase I clinical trial of a new treatment?
What are the purposes of a Phase II clinical trial of a new treatment?
What are the purposes of a Phase II clinical trial of a new treatment?
What is local therapy?

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