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Q&A on Breast Health & Women’s Wellness  
We are proud to bring you the most extensive Q&A on
breast health, breast cancer, & women’s wellness.
Genetics & Breast Cancer
Should I share my genetic test results with my husband or partner?
If I am thinking about getting genetically tested for the breast cancer genes, what questions should I ask?
Does the child of a person with an abnormal breast cancer gene inherit the abnormal breast cancer gene?
Breast Cancer in Men
Can men get breast cancer?
How can men get breast cancer when they don't have breasts?
What puts a man at risk for breast cancer?
What are the signs and symptoms of male breast cancer?
Is treatment for breast cancer in men the same as for women?
What types of breast cancer do men suffer from most commonly?
Why is breast cancer not as common in men as it is in women?
Are men with breast cancer more likely to die of their disease than are women with breast cancer?
What is gynecomastia?
What is Klinefelter's syndrome?
Does breast cancer only affect older women?
If you have a risk factor for breast cancer, are you likely to get the disease?
If breast cancer doesn't run in your family, are you assured of not getting it?
Does only your motherís family history of breast cancer affect your risk?
Does using antiperspirants cause breast cancer?
Is a monthly breast self-exam the best way to detect breast cancer?
Iím at high risk for breast cancer. I've heard that there is nothing I can do about it. Is this true?
Is a breast cancer diagnosis an automatic death sentence?
Does breastfeeding if you have a breast tumor increase your childís risk of cancer?
Does wearing an underwire bra cause breast cancer?
Can mammograms cause cancer?
My 13-year-old daughter got hit in the chest with a soccer ball during a game. Could the bruise to her breast increase her chances of getting breast cancer in the future?
Will external radiation therapy make me radioactive?
Signs & Symptoms
What are the signs and symptoms of breast cancer?
What signs or symptoms suggest that breast cancer may have recurred?
What are the signs and symptoms of breast cancer in men?
What is nipple discharge?
Breast Cancer Screening
What is a mammogram?
Do mammograms prevent breast cancer?
I have had a mastectomy, but the cancer has been in remission for 2 years. Should I get a mammogram on the other breast?
Who should get a mammogram? When? How often?
If mammograms are so good at detecting nonsymptomatic tumors, why should I bother with a monthly breast self exam (BSE)?
I have breast implants. How can I get properly screened?
Are there different types of mammograms?
What is a digital mammogram? Is it better than a film mammogram?
Are mammograms safe?
How is a mammogram performed?
How can I get ready for my mammogram?
Are there any problems with mammography?
Are mammograms painful?
Where should I get a mammogram?
What if my health insurance does not cover mammograms?
I don't have health insurance. Where can I get a free or low-cost mammogram?
How often should I get a mammogram?
How long until you get the results of your mammogram?
What is an ultrasound? What is ultrasonography? When are these procedures recommended as an examination of the breast?
Why are mammograms not recommended for women under 30?

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